A Journey Within

Welcome and thank you for visiting. I hope you will find something of use as you meander through. My goal of this site is to provide the reader with the honest and raw truth behind a man’s journey to remove the mask; the mask that we all nestle behind in fear of what the world may see if ever revealed, or more importantly what we may see when the truth is revealed. This is my journey; a journey in the search of the intrinsic reality of what lies behind my own mask, and the search to reveal the surface of illusion that is naturally hidden from the world around me. We all wear a mask to hide who we truly are; our faults, insecurities, jealousies, and fears.
I hope that sharing in my own journey to discover myself will aid others in their own journey in finding the support needed to explore their own hidden selves to possibly share their own innate realities with others. It may even lead to the removal of your own mask in the process. If your up for the challenge, the journey of self discovery is long, and their are unfortunately no shortcuts. Use the following information at your own discretion for there is nothing of extraordinary value or answers to the unknown  to be found here, nothing to be sold or marketed, just subtle observations to offer a reflection of the world revealed through the eyes of one human being trying to discover what lies behind his own mask. If your content with where you are, and who you are, then I  hope it lightens your step along the path to wherever it is you’re going. Enjoy my friend!


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