Nosce Te Ipsum

Welcome and thank you for visiting. I hope you will find something of use as you meander through the site. My goal of this site is to provide the reader with an understanding of mind and body health through the integration of a vertical model of understanding. Vertical Transformations is a theory of understanding how the human condition is connected to the Kosmos through the integration of the body, mind, soul, spirit, and the Absolute. This vertical system of understanding was discovered through my doctorate in clinical psychology and the completion of my dissertation, Psychology: The Loss of the Soul in Search of the Self. This site will provide the visitor a glimpse into a journey of personal transformation through a greater understanding of the relationship between the human condition and the natural world in which we are inherently connected.
I hope by sharing my own journey into the study of psychology and its relationship to it’s earliest foundations of philosophy, theology, quantum and meta-physics, you will be able to achieve your fullest potential through the traditional wisdom of  integration and mind/body health. Use the following information at your own discretion for there is nothing of extraordinary value or answers to the unknown to be found here. Nothing to be sold or marketed, just subtle observations along my own journey that have been here since the beginning of time for all to enjoy. If you are ready to take the journey I welcome you! If not, I hope what you find here lightens your step along the path to wherever it is you’re going. Enjoy my fellow traveler!


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