About & Welcome

I started this blog, Between Ghosts and God, as a response to my personal journey through self-evaluation and personal awareness that has been attained as I near the completion of a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. I have come to the conclusion that most of what an individual learns throughout this process is useless, and inapplicable to  another human being, if they are not willing to honestly grapple with their own fragility and fallibility.

I have grown tired of hearing individuals absorbed in their own self-worth spew an endless amount of regurgitated secrets to happiness and psychological well-being that have been regurgitated by regurgitation, as we blindly hide behind trendy, popular, and erroneous approaches to psychological well-being. Sadly there has been a movement that has progressed toward the elevation of the ego, while the movement toward self-awareness, self-knowledge and acceptance have become extinct. I have learned through my own journey that there are no secrets, easy paths to follow, self-help books, or hidden wisdom that can be supply the answers needed for self-discovery. You must travel to the depths of your soul, through the uncomfortable acceptance of what you may find there, and to embrace your true self in order to reach the destination in which you seek.

Life is a complex and a convoluted web of events that culminate into our present state wherever that may be. One, and not the only, crucial step in this process is the individual search to, “know thyself.” How can we assist each other in happiness, as well as through our trials and tribulations, if we haven’t ventured into the darkness to reach the light within our own being? This is my goal. An honest evaluation of my own journey to know myself, and hopefully providing some information for the reader that I have learned along the way in search of the ability to journey with others as they travel the tributaries of life.