Past, Present & Future

cropped-20150802_1258291.jpgMy first official blog post… well, what should I write? As I construct the manner in which I will use this blog in an effort to share what I have learned about myself, and the world around me, I have elected to not go in chronological order when addressing life events. Yes, I have a story to tell. Yes, my story has a darkened past spent in the trials and tribulations of naivety, as well as in the light of purity and faith, but I have chosen to start at the present moment. I feel that too often we have a tendency to share what has occurred in an effort to change, prevent or assist others from traveling the same path, but we sadly forget about the present moment; the here-and-now, and the events of our ordinary lives each day. I have learned that the present moment has a unique ability to share the wisdom of the past, and the direction of the future, if we can steady ourselves long enough to become aware of it. Each blog will wind through the present, past and future at will, but each stop will live their own existence as a piece of the puzzle that has constructed a life that is still in motion. So be patient if the sense alludes you, for the understanding of who we are takes time.

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